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“They provided a succinct as well as fascinating tale with a lot of branching courses as well as sufficient versatility to make your very own playthrough feeling really special.”
8.5 – TechRaptor

“Gamedec has dazzling suggestions for overturning the commonplace cyberpunk formula.”
Rock Paper Shotgun

“I seemed like my options really mattered, which’s not something that takes place usually in video games.”
9 – Yet Why Tho?

Regarding This Video Game

Gamedec is a single-player non-combat cyberpunk isometric RPG. You are a video game investigative, that fixes criminal activities inside online globes. Utilize your wits to collect details from your witnesses as well as suspects, obtain to the base of deceitful systems, conserve lives, as well as check out the phenomenal connections in between online globes as well as their citizens. The video game continuously adjusts to your options as well as never ever courts – You are the amount of your options.

Welcome to Warsaw City of the 22nd century. The Technology of the future is so sophisticated that the term “actual” is loved one as well as “life” as well as “fatality” have numerous significances. Digital globes generate issues of the humanity: desire, sloth, envy, as well as satisfaction. The homeowners of these online game-worlds require experts – Gamedecs – Private detectives with experience in those globes that function to find the tricks as well as discovers auto mechanics concealed in those truths for the payment of your customers. You are among them. You are a Gamedec.

Gamedec imitates the nature of tabletop RPGs by concentrating on personality growth via choice production. Collect facets as well as craft your special collection of careers that will certainly permit you to lead examinations in such a way that fits your design. Discover phenomenal connections in between the online globes as well as their citizens many thanks to the collected details in the codex.
Like in traditional tabletop RPGs, you’re provided the liberty to technique scenarios from several angles instead of compeling a solitary service – the option is your own as well as your own alone.

Gamedec General Qualities:

  • Connect with NPCs to collect intel as well as accessibility various discussion alternatives depending upon your options, created occupation as well as got expertise.
  • Go to many online globes – from the dishonest farm-like setting, via dark-noir cyberpunk truths to fantasy-based worlds.
  • Utilize your Codex as well as Reduction to unscramble realities as well as proof in conclusion the instance. Locate your very own solution as well as react as necessary to your very own values, honesty or simply a feeling of poetic justice.
  • Forming your Personality via activities that provide favorable or adverse results – Establish just how to you intend to be viewed by the various other by picking qualities, which represent your gameplay design. Create your very own Gamedec via your choices, options, as well as activities.
  • Meet numerous personalities in both Realium as well as Virtualium that can be pleasant, or hostile – depending upon your choices throughout the video game.

Fully Grown Material Summary

The designers explain the material similar to this:

The video game has representations of physical violence, poor language as well as partial nakedness.


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