80’s 8bit classic Rock Star Ate My Hamster as a Millennium edition for the Commodore 64 and Commodore Plus/4!

The last news story of the week and one I think many people will be loading up by the end of the day, as we’ve recently been trawling the plus4world website, and have found out that the classic management game of Rock Star Ate My Hamster, has been unofficially re-released as a Millennium edition with 50 brand new … Read more

UPDATE NOW LIVE | New Map Expanded, All Callouts Ported and More! news – Flashing Lights: Police – Fire – EMS

The original map has been removed, and the new one expanded. Hello all, Flashing Lights’ new map update is out now for you all to play! This is a substantial update which expands the new map with new props and buildings, plus new areas: 2 suburbs, 2 rural towns, marina, hill, desert and farm fields! … Read more

Scientific evolution sim Thrive is now available on itch.io and Steam

Thrive is a free and open source evolution sim, that is now available from the itch.io and Steam stores where you can pay to support the development. It’s in Early Access and they have a very long road ahead until it’s complete, and they’re estimating multiple years to go yet until it’s finished. “In Thrive, … Read more

The Best Halo Infinite Multiplayer Tips I’ve Learned From Watching TikTok

I’ve played a lot of Halo Infinite since its free-to-play multiplayer suite launched during the Xbox 20th Anniversary Celebration last week. Coincidentally, I’ve also watched way too much TikTok since then. It’s a real problem I’m dealing with right now. In-between the cooking tutorials and cursed comedy sketches populating my For You page, I’ve stumbled … Read more

You can change squads in Battlefield 2042 – Destructoid

But it’s a pretty limited system right now Large-scale teamwork and nitty-gritty squadplay are two crucial facets of the Battlefield experience, and the more innate cooperation you’ve got in a match, the better your odds of flipping the battle in your side’s favor. I figured a little PSA was in order for Battlefield 2042, as … Read more

Riot Games May Add Characters from ‘Arcane’ to League of Legends

Riot Games took the entertainment industry by storm with its first-ever TV show ‘Arcane’, which is currently #2 on IMDB’s list of most popular shows with a rating of 9.4. The publisher established the origin stories of some of its oldest characters from League of Legends and has also introduced some truly memorable characters in … Read more

Save 20% on Gamedec on Steam

Reviews “They delivered a concise and interesting story with plenty of branching paths and enough flexibility to make your own playthrough feel truly unique.”8.5 – TechRaptor “Gamedec has brilliant ideas for subverting the banal cyberpunk formula.”Rock Paper Shotgun “I felt like my choices truly mattered, and that’s not something that happens often in games.”9 – … Read more

Finding a publisher in a pandemic: How to stand out in a sea of Zoom calls and digital events

Share this article In an ideal world, developers would be able to pitch publishers face-to-face at GDC or at some other industry event. And while COVID-19 made that scenario impossible for a lot of studios, it didn’t slow down the publishing cycle as much as one would think. At the 2021 Global Top Round conference … Read more