The beautiful Linux distro elementary OS 6.1 is out now

The stunning Linux distro primary OS 6.1 is out currently

primary OS is conveniently among the most effective looking Linux circulations about, with such an extraordinary interest to the better information as well as a huge brand-new launch is up currently. With primary OS 6.1 the designers concentrated on resolving comments from the previous launch, brand-new as well as better workplace efficiency functions as well as broadening compatibility with a bigger variety of equipment.

primary OS 6.1 Jólnir takes the exact same structure as OS 6 Odin as well as raises it to a brand-new degree of gloss. Many thanks to some excellent brand-new tooling as well as launch administration procedures at primary, we’ve been able to make larger strides in less time than ever before. This release represents the sum of our work over the last several months as a single major update to the OS 6 series—and we believe there’s enough great new stuff here that this release deserves its own name and identity.

Danielle Foré, Founder & CEO

Pictured – elementary OS 6.1

Looks like a fair amount of work went into improving their AppCenter now they have actually done their switch over from Debian packages into Flatpak it was time to continue improvements there. Making much better use of spacing, along with giving more details about each application right away, it definitely looks like a big improvement. To make things clearer, they’ve also now separated the category views between paid, free as well as non-curated apps (third-party Flatpak repos like Flathub). Big improvements also came for those who do add a third-party repo, so you no longer have to restart for example to have applications from them show up in the AppCenter.

Across the desktop itself there’s been some pretty big changes too, like the ALT+TAB switcher getting a redesign, expanded options for the File Chooser dialog, improvements to the Dark Style preference, the Applications Menu will let you find bookmarked folders and locations and absolutely tons of other smaller improvements.

See all that and more in their announcement post.

You can download it from the official website using a pay what you want model.

Check out a video our friend Nick did to go over some of what’s brand-new:

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