Indie Retro News: Aztec Challenge (Basic)

Indie Retro Information: Aztec Obstacle (Fundamental)

A dual direct for Monday as we have actually not just discovered Super Knockout Brother’s perhaps involving the C64, however many thanks to one more directs in our Indie Retro Information inbox, we have actually been informed the timeless video game of ‘Aztec Obstacle’ has actually been re-released by Steveboy for the C64 however this time around created making use of Fundamental. If you have actually declined this video game previously, it was initially launched in 1983 by Paul Norman, as well as see’s your personality via 7 various hazardous degrees such as spear tossing aztecs, climbing up hazardous staircases, as well as the going across of a lethal bridge.

As kept in mind by the wikipedia for the video game : “Aztec Obstacle describes either of 2 very early activity computer game released by COSMI, in addition to 2 succeeding remakes. In all video game variations the gamer takes control of a running Aztec warrior. The initial was a side-scrolling platform-jumping video game produced by Robert Tegel Bonifacio as well as launched in 1982 for the Atari 8-bit household. Ultimately, a various video game with the exact same title as well as general motif was produced by Paul Norman as well as launched for the Commodore 64. It consists of a degree in a modified-first-person 3D-style”.

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