520 games are now rated either Verified or Playable for Steam Deck

Examine your Heavy Steam Collection versus Vapor Deck compatibility conveniently

Wish to know just how much of your very own Vapor Collection is presently suitable with the Vapor Deck? Well, there’s currently an internet site devoted to doing precisely that.

It’s called CheckMyDeck (fantastic name) and also all you require to do is get your SteamID, enter it and also it will certainly do all the benefit you. You can locate your SteamID conveniently utilizing this various other web site. The main point to bear in mind however, is that compatibility is an ever-changing point, with Shutoff contributing to the listing practically daily. We stated just a few days ago exactly how Validated + Usable with each other struck 520 video games, well since now it’s currently raised to 591!

When It Comes To CheckMyDeck, it’s respectable in fact. Offering you a complete listing with web links per shop web page, together with an extremely neat looking pie to offer a total rating:

A piece of my very own standing now.

One more large point to keep in mind is that a video game being Unidentified does not suggest much – it simply hasn’t been evaluated yet, therefore it may wind up being a perfect experience.

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