Days Gone Director Says Shawn Layden's Departure Killed Chances for Sequel

Days Gone Supervisor Claims Shawn Layden’s Separation Eliminated Opportunities for Follow Up

In spite of a reasonably favored run of video games from 1999 to 2007, the Syphon Filter collection has actually relatively disappeared, without any reboot visible. However Sony shows up to have actually had one on the mind just recently, and also also pitched it as a task for among its workshops: Bend, that made Days Gone.

On a stream the other day with Twisted Steel supervisor David Jaffe, previous Bend Workshop supervisor and also author John Garvin and also video game supervisor Jeff Ross spoke about Bend’s battle to obtain a thumbs-up for a Days Gone follow up as the workshop’s following job. While previous Sony head Shawn Layden had actually obviously promoted the video game, Ross stated that “as quickly as Shawn was gone, Days Gone was dead.”

“It was really noticeable that we shouldn’t be speaking about Days Gone while we were working with the pitch and also creating it. It was clear that it was a non-starter. And also there was absolutely nothing in the pitch that made the neighborhood supervisor and also his employer really feel great concerning it. That’s possibly a failing of the innovative team, yet it was simply an uphill struggle during.”

Ross took place to state that in the procedure of finding out what Bend Workshop would certainly work with rather, Sony inquired if there were any type of various other Sony IPs they would certainly want to make use of for a pitch, consisting of Bend’s old job, Syphon Filter. However Bend transformed them down, Ross stated. “I have no concepts on exactly how to reboot Syphon Filter.”

He included later on that he was not sure if the pitch was ever before major, nonetheless, which it appeared mainly like a suggestion to maintain them active while Sony identified Bend’s real following job.

Days Gone New Video Game And Also Setting and also Syphon Filter DLC

With neither Syphon Filter neither Days Gone 2 on the table, Ross included that the group had actually likewise pitched an open-world Resistance video game, with Bend having actually serviced Resistance: Retaliation back in 2009. Nevertheless, with 2011’s Resistance 3 mainly an industrial failing, Sony really did not appear curious about a brand-new Resistance title, either.

Ross and also Garvin’s meeting with Jaffe adheres to a tweet from Ross previously today concerning exactly how Days Gone likely offered concerning along with Ghost of Tsushima, yet was dealt with by Sony monitoring as a frustration.

Days Gone had a blended important function, with our testimonial discovering it puffed up, unpleasant, and also baffled regardless of really awesome experiences with zombie crowds. Bend Workshop has actually given that invested time functioning to sustain Mischievous Canine prior to relocating onto a brand-new IP that improves the open-world systems of Days Gone.

Rebekah Valentine is an information press reporter for IGN. You can locate her on Twitter @duckvalentine.

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