Be-the-bad-guy Darkest Dungeon-alike Iratus: Lord of the Dead is complimentary on GOG

The holiday mores than and also the brand-new year is upon us, which implies the plentiful large sales and also free gifts we have actually delighted in over the previous a number of weeks are swiftly unwinding. There’s still time to rack up another free offer, however, and also it’s a great one—Iratus: Lord of the Dead, which you can currently grab free of charge from GOG.

Launched in 2020, Iratus: Lord of the Dead is a Darkest Dungeon duplicate in which you play as the crook, a necromancer (“extremely emo,” obviously) that obtains a bang out of eliminating brave travelers and also developing brand-new beasts from their hacked-up body components. We stated in a 2019 sneak peek that it “does not have a lot in the method of originalities,” however nevertheless it looked appealing and also we discovered that its items collaborated quite possibly when it left Very early Gain access to a year later on.

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