Undestroyed: Tips to help you tackle this robotic roguelike

Strike Early and Often

Sometimes in games, the best defense is a good offense. That’s how it is in Undestroyed. It gives you a hack and slash vibe and in games like that, it’s usually all about getting in those hits. You can attack quickly so you can put your enemies on the ground.

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Make sure you have a strong enough weapon to carve through your foes faster. Yes, things will get a bit tougher as you go, but as long as you have some good weapons and abilities, you’ll be good to go. Early on, you’ll get a nice sword to slice with.

Take advantage of the great skills that the protagonist presents. Have fun going crazy with your weapons, robotic hero.

Make Sure to Equip Your Garden Abilities

Early on, you’ll have the chance to equip a few special abilities called “Garden Abilities” that come from a magical garden in the game. From a boost in speed to more devastating hits with weapons, there is a nice variety you can unlock. In the beginning, you can equip up to three abilities.

Later on, though, you can equip several more. You just need to unlock the slots. Once you do that, and once you gain more moves, you can slide them in. On top of this, you can upgrade those abilities as you go as well which is nice.

It also just adds an extra layer of fun to the game. It makes your power battle robot even more powerful out there. Experiment with different abilities throughout your time playing and have fun.

Try and Unlock an Extra Battle Body

You will have the chance to unlock new protagonists in Undestroyed. These Battle Bodies are great because they present boosted attributes that can be plenty helpful on your journey. This also includes boosted health which is huge in itself.

In order to unlock the second one, you’ll need to reach Garden Level 2 which you can get just by getting through the game, defeating enemies and bosses along the way. Speaking of bosses, although you can beat them with your default warrior, having the extra stats from a new Battle Body wouldn’t hurt.

There are a couple of premium Battle Bodies you can get but they are pretty pricey at $14.99 and $29.99 each. However, if you feel you have the means, then take a look. Whatever your choice, you do have a couple of options to choose from to help you out.

Bonus Tip: Explore and observe as you play. Undestroyed is essentially an open world so take advantage of your surroundings. You’ll never know what you’ll discover.

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