The Elder Scrolls Online: High Rock explores 'The Legacy of the Bretons'

The Senior Scrolls Online: High Rock discovers ‘The Heritage of the Bretons’


Complying with a tease concerning a trip to a “never-before-seen globe” in 2022, Zenimax Online Studios has actually disclosed the following development pertaining to The Senior Scrolls Online: High Island will certainly take gamers to the formerly uncharted Systres Island chain, a play ground for culture’s elite and also the place of polite talks targeted at finishing the 3 Banners Battle.

High Island will certainly belong to The Senior Scrolls Online’s following year-long journey, The Heritage of the Bretons, which will certainly dive deep right into the offspring of the Nedic and also the Aldmeri that make their house above Rock. The Systres is found some remote from High Rock, though: According to the map consisted of with The Senior Scrolls Adventures: Redguard—the only location the island chain has actually ever before been referenced in Senior Scrolls canon—it depends on the Abecean Sea, approximately equidistant from Hammerfell to the northeast and also Summerset Island to the southeast.


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