Something Transformed On Fortnite’s Map Today

Fortnite’s store updates on a daily basis at 4 p.m. CT with brand-new skins, dramatizes, as well as gliders to obtain, however the video game map usually transforms without advising. That occurred once more today in a tiny method. If you discover a little to the northeast of Logjam Lumberyard, you’ll locate a brand-new round spot of dust simply past a hillside. Examining the scene exposes a huge driller shielded by IO guards at a spots called Mole Group: Omega. That’s right, the Imagined Order (much better referred to as IO) is back as well as it appears they pierced via the island.

Chances are we’ll see even more IO soldiers on the island in the days as well as weeks in advance, most likely finishing in a brand-new tale advancement. There’s an opportunity it can link right into The Structure unlockables countdown, which presently rests at one month.

If you wish to have a look at the boring website, ensure you bring a tool, as IO will certainly open up fire the 2nd they see you. Try to find a camping tent as well as you’ll locate a huge tool cache. A launcher waits for beyond of the dust heap, so you need to have the ability to make a fast escape after obtaining the unusual loot.

I can not wait to see where Legendary selects this following. We’re still waiting on twisters which weird six-legged purple beast to turn up, however the arrival of IO is a great shock that must result in a brand-new villain appearing quickly.

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