Re.Surs: New Update and New Trailer news

Re.Surs: New Update as well as New Trailer information


Re.Surs is currently offered in Simplified Chinese as well as Turkish.

Substantial many thanks to offer translators that observed the video game as well as used their solution.

Many thanks qsefthuopq ( for Simplified Chinese
Kaan ( for Turkish language localization.

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Additionally, it’s practically a month because the video game launch.

There was a great deal of insect taking care of as well as various other video game gloss things.

As Well As right here is the upgraded trailer.

I obtained a great deal of responses in among the Reddit strings, I attempted to do my ideal to display the video game extra appropriately.

So, that’s it, not a great deal of information though 🙂

And also please elect Re.Surs in IndieDB Indie Video Game of the Year as well as perhaps the video game can strike the Top100 (not going for the GOTY :). Your ballot matters!

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