PUBG’s more recent anti-cheat audios bothersome for the Vapor Deck as well as Linux

PUBG is presently a video game that does not operate at all on Linux because of anti-cheat, despite the Vapor Deck coming it’s seeming like a video game that will not play perfectly. Oh, it’s additionally going totally free to play.

In their advancement letter published on December 10, they described what they have actually been doing as well as their future prepare for anti-cheat with PUBG. While formerly PUBG counted on BattlEye, which does have Linux assistance as well as just recently made it very easy for designers to switch on assistance for Proton as well as the Vapor Deck, their more recent exclusive service with Zakynthos is going to obtain extra intrusive as well as create even more troubles.

Via 2022, they discussed that of the significant changes coming would certainly be the “Application of bit chauffeurs” as well as I make certain I do not require to discuss to any kind of normal Linux video gaming followers why this will certainly be a trouble. These bit chauffeurs are created for Windows, as well as something Red wine / Proton likely will simply not collaborate with.

So what’s the expect PUBG working on Linux / Proton as well as the Vapor Deck? It’s not looking excellent.

A pity, as it’s continually in the leading 5 most played video games on Vapor.

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