PashaBiceps' Debut MMA Opponent Suffered Eye Injury Due to Knockout Punch

PashaBiceps’ Launching Mixed Martial Arts Challenger Suffered Eye Injury As A Result Of Ko Strike

CS:GO tale, Jaroslaw “pashaBiceps” Jarzabkowski, won his launching mixed martial arts battle versus Polish body builder as well as physical fitness influencer Michal “OwcaWK” Owczarzak with a second-round ko on 5th February, throughout the celeb battle event HIGH Organization Period 2.

PashaBiceps landed a significant strike to Owczarzak’s face in the 2nd round of the battle, adhering to which the battle involved an end. The other day on 6th February, Owczarzak using an Instagram tale via his main account offered an upgrade on his physical wellness.

Owczarzak disclosed that as a result of the knockout strike he had actually experienced a damaged eye outlet together with a problem with his retina, to which pashaBiceps has actually openly reacted claiming that “I do not like it”.

PashaBiceps knockout strike has actually caused an eye injury for his launching mixed martial arts battle competitor

The CS:GO Major winning MVP, pashaBiceps, was backed by bulk of the Counter-Strike area to win his inaugural mixed martial arts battle versus Owczarzak in the HIGH Organization Period 2.

Not just did the 33-year-old efficiently restrain his competitor, yet he took care of to do so stylishly by providing a hefty strike to Owczarzak’s face, compeling him to muffle the floor covering as well as ultimately touch out.

The Other Day, Owczarzak using his main Instagram account verified that as a result of the strike he had actually experienced a damaged eye outlet as well as a retina-related problem.

Owczarzak even more disclosed that after getting the last strike to the head, he was incapable to see for a couple of secs. Having definitely no suggestion what had actually taken place, because minute the Polish body builder recognized that he had actually been beat.

: The over has actually been converted from Polish to English by Google Translate.

In reaction to this scenario, pashaBiceps commented that he did not like it.

The general conduct in between both the boxers was good, as they both dealt with each various other with regard prior to as well as after the battle. After his loss, Owczarzak had actually also made a message on Instagram specifying,

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