Oculus Quest to rebrand as Meta Quest in 2022

Oculus Quest to rebrand as Meta Quest in 2022


The change shall be made progressively from early subsequent 12 months, with the Oculus App additionally turning into Meta Quest App

Meta is to retire the Oculus identify, with its line of VR headsets to be rebranded as Meta Quest.

The announcement was truly made concurrently Fb’s preliminary ​​reveal of its identify change to Meta on October 28, PC Gamer reported.

On the time, Meta’s VP of AR/VR, Andrew Bosworth, printed a submit on Fb sharing extra particulars on the corporate’s rebrand. Its personal department of the corporate was rebranded from Fb Actuality Labs to easily Actuality Labs, having beforehand been recognized below the identify Oculus Analysis.

He additionally introduced the gradual retirement of the Oculus model from subsequent 12 months.

“Beginning in early 2022, you may begin to see the shift from Oculus Quest from Fb to Meta Quest and Oculus App to Meta Quest App over time,” he wrote.

“All of us have a powerful attachment to the Oculus model, and this was a really troublesome choice to make. Whereas we’re altering the model of the {hardware}, Oculus will proceed to be a core a part of our DNA and can reside on in issues like software program and developer instruments.”

Meta additionally introduced that it is planning to take away the necessity for a Fb account to make use of its VR headsets subsequent 12 months, a transfer which was very controversial when introduced in October 2020, as some customers reported that deleting your Fb account would wipe out your Oculus purchases.

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