Lost Memories Ghosts of the Previous variation 9.4.0 changelog information

After virtually 3 years of job the trial for the task that i am working with as the single programmer is virtually ended up. The play of the trial will certainly depend upon the gamer ability, however the moment will certainly be around 40-120 mins. as soon as the pre-demo hits the variation 1.0.0 i will certainly launch it on Vapor.

Uploaded by LostMemoriesDev on Jan 10th, 2022

Hello there individuals! A brand-new develop will certainly be offered quickly with the following updates ( develop 0.9.4):

  • Redone the illumination for the entire trial
  • Redone the blog post procedure for the entire trial
  • Included a brand-new ambience to the Training center trial
  • Included a brief cutscene in the Cryogenic degree ( with the personality inside the cryo shuck )
  • Included volumetric clouds
  • Split the Procedure Trojan steed in 4 sub-levels to enhance the optimization of the degree, included various illumination to the sublevels
  • Reduced the problem of the degree manager and also his wellness
  • Boosted the rate of the shuttle bus arrival at the end of the degree
  • Impaired the movie grain and also colorful aberration to enhance the visuals top quality
  • Included brand-new skybox
  • Additional renovations to the A.I

Video clip with the upgraded gameplay:

To be included the following 6 builds ( 0.9.5-1.0.0 ):

  • Brand-new faces and also face computer animation for the primary personalities
  • Improving the caption system
  • Backround songs for all degrees
  • Enhance the audio ambience for the degrees ( audio results: vapor, electic buzz, light buzz, ambience, and so on. )
  • Feasible an overhaul for the tool system ( objective down views on appropriate click, eliminating the unarmed computer animations, brand-new mobility system, tool modification, brand-new recoil system, lean system, brand-new reload computer animations, brand-new mobility computer animations, brand-new intending system ). The overhaul will certainly be made according to the spending plan ( in between 0.9.7 and also 1.0.0 )
  • Tale cutscene ( voice performing + message ) miss capability
  • Brand-new voices for personalities played by voice stars ( as opposed to A.I produced voices )

Shed Memories programmer Dan Ionita

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