Last Dream 7 Remake modders placed clown make-up on Sephiroth, allowed Cloud put on an outfit for the entire video game

Last Dream 7 Remake gets on computer and also modders have actually located a method to strike the upgrade switch on several of pc gaming’s most renowned personalities. Rather than costs 35 hrs with Cloud treking around in his droopy trousers and also one shoulderpad, you can cover him up in an outfit and also a tiara from later on in the video game. And also if you’re really feeling amusing, you can place clown make-up on Sephiroth like he’s Ronald McDonald with a katana.

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Nexus Mods, the residence for the most beneficial and also troubling enhancements to video games, has a bunch of access that exchange out personality designs and also shades. You can place a selection of gowns that were currently located in the video game on Tifa and also Aerith previously in the tale and also utilize them in battle also. 

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