Jet-Powered Racing for 16 Players! Download it for free news - Techblox

Jet-Powered Competing for 16 Gamers! Download it totally free information – Techblox


We simply launched a brand-new upgrade that includes jets and also assistance for as much as 16 gamers online. Download it totally free currently!

Hi everybody!

Techblox has actually simply introduced a big upgrade which includes some substantial attributes consisting of:

  • 3 effective jet engine block kinds
  • Online Competing Video game setting for as much as 16 gamers throughout 3 video game maps
  • 2 entirely brand-new tracks
  • Night-time environment and also functioning fronts lights
  • A range of brand-new blocks for usage in device editor and also globe contractor

You can download and install Techblox totally free at

Check out listed below for information on the most recent upgrade!


The 3 maps below will certainly be on-line, in consistent devoted web servers. They will certainly each have an auto racing setting with checkpoints and also the globe will certainly respawn when a gamer surfaces in starting point!

Twelve O’clock At Night Techkarts

Portsdown Container

Portsdown Basin track


Dirtfest Track

We’ve increased the build limits for the maps too, so you can build slightly more complex vehicles!

We will be moving some of the maps into a new area called “Legacy Offline Games”. We didn’t want to remove these maps from the game as some players may still find some enjoyment playing them. Our plan is to create a number of core game modes and maps which rotate in and out so there is always a new reason to build and new games to discover.

offline capsule


We’ve made some optimisations to the online servers and this has allowed us to support even more players. Double, in fact! 16 players will be able to join any of the three online maps mentioned above!

The servers are also now able to support dynamic blocks. This means that we can see some actual movement in the world. A spinning sign like this wasn’t possible before

Dynamic Objects Gif

But this also means maps could have obstacles like breakable barriers, traffic cones being flung around the map etc! We’re really looking forward to experimenting with this and we know someone is going to create a really complex wall that falls apart when smashing a vehicle through it!

World Editor

We will be adjusting the landscape placement to allow for a smaller grid size and a different type of placement.

There will also be a number of new landscape tiles. Most notably diagonal road tiles. Including some that transition from grass to dirt.

New Track Tiles

New Blocks/ Objects

This update will bring with it the ability to create actual game modes! Using logic, players can already create fun racing game modes. We have actually been having a lot of fun in the office racing each other online and experimenting with various strategies.

We’ve made the logic required to create game modes visible in code room houses which can be found in the maps.

Logic House

If anyone creates some racing game maps, do let us know as we may rotate them as a featured playable map in the future!

Here is a list of all of the new blocks which can be used in the world editor

– Football
– Game HUD Timer
– Night-time Atmos block
– Scoreboard block (and player scoring system)
– Centre HUD block
– Checkpoint block
– Sound effect block
– Spawn point block
– World Resetter block
– Floodlights, circle area light
– Boundary material (to stop people from falling off the map!)

New Objects Gif

New Machine blocks

The BIG update alongside gameplay, is the ability for players to create jet-powered machines. We’ve created some simple, but fun flying vehicles, but we know you are going to make some really awesome creations with these new blocks! These can all be used within the World editor too!

– Area sensor
– Distance sensor
– Jet blocks (Small Medium and Large)
– Stabilizer block
– Functional headlights (Colourable lights)

New Machine Blocks


We’ve also made a number of changes to the driving to improve the feel. This has been achieved by increasing the wheel rig turning speed, rebalancing wheel grip and adding an FOV change effect when reaching higher speeds.

We’ve also made some adjustments to the Go-kart engine as we have boosted its top speed, added a second gear and given it extra torque.

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