Indie Retro News: Boss Machine

Yet another Amiga game that’s worth keeping an eye on throughout the months ahead, as we’ve recently been told through Twitter that the cool looking Shoot ’em up of ‘ Boss Machine ‘, has been teased again with updated footage showing new enemies, a new soundtrack, smooth scrolling and lots of firepower. As mentioned by our previous write ups, Boss Machine is a high quality Amiga AGA game that is in development by Daniel Stephens‎, Kevin Saunders and Lee Smith.

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Boss Machine is an upcoming Amiga game that is being created with an aim for a Thunderforce IV style shooter as seen on Megadrive/Genesis in which they hope to push the Amiga’s limits using vertical scroll with lots of horizontal screens. As we said before in regards any new footage being posted, the game is always being updated with many new features and improvements and what you see at this time may look very different to the finished product.

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