Indie Retro News: WinUAE 4.9.0

Indie Retro Information: WinUAE 4.9.0


After a variety of betas with these last couple of months with comprehensive significant modifications, we have actually just recently learnt that Toni Wilen has actually launched a new WinUAE variation 4.9.0 with insect solutions, a brand-new customized chipset emulation revise as well as a huge quantity of renovations to take us with this month as well as past! Considered among the very best Amiga emulators as well as constantly being dealt with by Toni, this launch does not simply have FloppyBridge assistance, however additionally brand-new attributes consisting of a speculative HDR setting!

WinUAE 4.9.0 (06.12.2021) launched.

Significant upgrade: customized chipset emulation revise (most significant factor for much also lengthy launch cycle)

  • Agnus/Alice interior DMA cycle handling as well as RGA bus pipelining (bitplanes, copper, blitter and so on) properly replicated.
  • Configured screen setting assistance substantially boosted, as an example cycle exact straight blanking (also if it is transformed mid-screen), severely recorded BEAMCON0 little bit mixes properly replicated, formerly unidentified undocumented attributes replicated as well as much more.
  • Blitter interior reasoning emulation updates, as an example blitter register alterations when blitter is energetic are currently properly replicated, line setting with B network allowed undocumented habits replicated as well as much more.
  • Chipset edge-cases as well as chipset variation details undocumented habits emulation boosted, as an example Copper awaiting Blitter chipset insect is properly replicated (which triggers noticeable problems as well as was not replicated formerly), borderblank problem if straight home window is opened up early.
  • Show emulation is currently from hsync to hsync (not scanline to scanline) which allows exact emulation of left (configured settings or blanking changed) as well as appropriate boundary (generally noticeable, placement where straight placement twists around) side instances without added hacks, both bitplanes as well as sprites. Upright is additionally from vsync to vsync, as an example last noticeable line of screen can be line 0 (and even bigger if unique configured setting) which wasn’t totally replicated formerly. Several DIWSTRT/STOP areas in solitary scanline sustained, consisting of start/stop straight twist around.
  • Bitplane DMA overrun problem is not a grandfather clause any longer, all overrun problems are currently totally sustained, consisting of bitplane twist around. Overrun can be made use of to produce unique settings that are still totally friend (or NTSC) suitable without typical limitations (as an example it is feasible to have complete overscan, straight scrolling in 64-bit bring setting as well as still have most sprites offered)
  • Overscan+ as well as Severe screen dimension alternatives. Can see every little thing in emulation that actual chipset can result in PAL/NTSC suitable settings with modified blanking timing when making use of converters like OSSC. Likewise OCS Denise blanking insect on initial as well as last line is currently replicated as well as noticeable.
  • Sound interior timing is currently exact, as an example reduced audio duration (less than DMA can sustain) interrupt as well as example reload timing is currently cycle-accurate.

Brand-new replicated equipment

  • CyberVision 64, CyberVision 64/3D as well as S3 Virge PCI emulation. (S3Trio as well as S3Virge chipset emulation from PCem)
  • Voodoo 3 (8M VRAM) PCI emulation. (Voodoo 3 emulation from PCem)
  • M.A.S.T. Fireball (SCSI HD controller)
  • Hardital Synthesis (SCSI HD controller)
  • A.L.F.2 (OMTI HD controller)
  • Combitec HD 20 A/HD 40 A (OMTI HD controller)
  • GVP G-Force040 (68040 accelerator)
  • GVP A1230 Turbo+ Jaws (68030 accelerator)
  • Overture A1200 clockport expander assistance


  • JIT upgrade (Aranym) + change direction flag repair.
  • x86 bridgeboard emulation upgraded to PCem v17 x86 core.
  • Current Picasso96 multimonitor assistance: usegfx Picasso96 DISPLAYCHAIN is currently just required if uaegfx screen is screen id=0 (shown to indigenous chipset). Formerly DISPLAYCHAIN was constantly required.
  • ALT+Space does not any longer open WinUAE home window conventional food selection when input is recorded.
  • Conserving config data: Verify overwrite if existing data is read-only.
  • Do not enable contrary joystick instructions at the exact same time (some video games accident..) if mapped making use of Video game Ports panel. It is still permitted if set up making use of Input panel as well as it was mapped to left/right/up/down occasions (not horiz/vert).
  • Debugger updates. Configurable disassembly layout, DMA debugger DDFSTRT, DDFSTOP, straight home window, upright home window, blanking pens, complete 32-bit/64-bit bitplane/sprite tip addresses, cycle problem details, fi command approves setting up phrase structure (as an example “fi catch #0”).

New attributes

  • FloppyBridge assistance.
  • Picasso96 v3.0+ uaegfx display dragging as well as double combination assistance.
  • uaeserial.device CMD_WRITE with io_Length=-1, EOFMODE as well as Mark as well as Room parity assistance carried out.
  • All Z2 DMA HD controllers are currently 24-bit attending to qualified by default (real life ability), checkbox choice included in make it possible for complete 32-bit ability (emulation just).
  • Included CD picture select/eject key-board faster way. END+F5 = pick CD picture, END+SHIFT+F5 = eject CD. Statefile fast recover relocated to END+F6
  • Executable as a disk picture placing currently sustains FFS as well as HD disks. Makes use of DD+OFS if picked data fits (like formerly), after that DD+FFS, ultimately HD+FFS (if drive is HD).
  • Amiga Bootblock Visitor brainfile assistance (duplicate ABR plan xml documents to pluginsABR). Utilized when clicking “?” switch in quickstart as well as disk panels.
  • Multi screen setting home window placements are currently kept to registry/ini.
  • Speculative HDR setting. Sustains illumination as well as comparison modification without instant white clipping or black crush.

Insects dealt with

  • Taken care of pork left boundary corruption if overscan pork setting as well as bitplane straight beginning was earlier than present filter straight beginning.
  • CDTV as well as CD32 CD sound playback statefile recover pests dealt with.
  • A2410 emulation dealt with.
  • NPCap/WinPCap accident if greater than 9 network tools was located.
  • Taken care of GDI manage leakage. GUI panel modification dripped 2 typeface manages.
  • Saggy emulation turning rate was somewhat out of specification.
  • bsdsocket recv/recvfrom() returning trimmed information currently matches Unix/Amiga habits. Windows additionally returned mistake when information was trimmed.
  • OSD led font graphics is currently produced from actual Windows typeface as well as is high DPI conscious.
  • If video game controller was connected in after config was packed as well as packed config had actually video game controller set up in video game ports panel, video game controller was appropriately thought of however kind as well as autofire setting was readied to default worths.
  • 68040/68060 unimplemented FPU direction emulation solutions, all 68060 FPSP examination plan examinations pass currently.
  • Softfloat FMOD, FREM upgrade. FSINCOS carried out, determines both transgression as well as COS all at once, formerly FSINCOS determined transgression as well as COS individually.
  • Include harddrive switch attempted to improperly think rational geometry as well as didn’t make it possible for complete drive setting if drive didn’t currently have RDB. Outcome was pointless drive.
  • CDFS placing made use of incorrect personality established translation features, documents with area details personalities stopped working to open up relying on Windows local setups.
  • “Eliminate intertwine artefacts” last line flickering workaround repair.
  • Taken care of vacant formatted conventional HD ADF production.

Lots of small pests dealt with. To do prior to 5.0. (Early 2022 – Summer Season 2022)

  • 68000 interrupt tasting timing requires to be 100% exact (My cputester + added tester equipment need to address this). This is the last staying non-100% exact component of A500 emulation.
  • Spot configured settings that real life screen can’t sustain. Space replicated screen when spotted.
  • 4.9 insect solutions.
  • Feasible optimizations.
  • Change PCem with 86Box?

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