Indie Retro News: UnDUNE II

Indie Retro Information: UnDUNE II


I make certain a lot of you bear in mind Dune II, among the best RTS video games of our time, a perpetuity traditional created by among the best programmers Westwood, which was launched for the Amiga, MS-DOS and also a later launch on the Sega Megadrive in 93. Well if you do remember it and also wish to experience a few of that fond memories on your Pico-8, after that we have actually lately been spoken to via twitter, that you can currently download and install and also play the complete variation of UnDUNE II by Liquidream; a 3 year growth demake of the traditional (and also initial) RTS video game DUNE II, re-created from the ground up in PICO-8.

According to the web site not just is UnDUNE II a demake of the traditional (and also initial) RTS video game DUNE II re-created from the ground up in PICO-8 of which we stated above, however it includes all 3 Mentats, all 9 objective degrees consisting of the computer animated map and also introductory, songs and also audio results reprise for the PICO-8 by Gruber, all structure kinds, all 21 device kinds, all royal residence tools, sandworms and also surface kinds, a haze of battle and also radar, auto-saving after each degree, and also remarkably not simply computer mouse and also key-board pleasant, however it extends a huge 11 Pico-8 carts!

PICO-8 is a digital device and also video game engine developed by Lexaloffle Gamings. It is a “dream computer game console” that simulates the minimal visual and also audio abilities of 8-bit systems of the 1980s.


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