Indie Retro News: Tiny Dungeons

Indie Retro Information: Tiny Dungeons

RetroSouls are absolutely familiar with several in the retro pc gaming scene, specifically as they have actually launched extremely pleasurable video games such as GLUF, Old Tower, Twinlight, Alter Vanity, and also also Tourmaline for the ZX Range. Well today after trawling via the most up to date Twitter updates, we have actually learnt that the very same individuals behind those amazing video games, have actually currently launched their premium quality ZX Range video game called ‘Tiny Dungeons’; a video game in which they state is a little roguelite experiment for the 128k speccy!

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Although I have not had the opportunity to play this wonderful looking video game as I’m presently recuperating from the Influenza, from what I have actually experienced from RetroSouls in the past in regards to homebrew advancement, it makes certain to be similarly pleasurable, loaded with opponents to beat, things to accumulate, various locations to combat, and also all of this offered for the ZX Range 128k with a wonderful soundtrack. So indeed absolutely a great item of information for Tuesday and also much more to make sure that it is an additional ZX Range video game to take pleasure in!

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