Indie Retro Information: Seaquest – A 1983 Atari 2600 video game gets here on the C64 by H4plo, Marukpa and also Richard Bayliss!

We have actually included numerous Atari 2600 to C64 conversions and also ports throughout the years, from Crawler Competitor, to Keystone Kapers and also also our individual favored Frostbite. Well below’s some great information to obtain us via this Friday which has actually been created by H4plo, Marukpa and also Richard Bayliss, is the Atari 2600 to C64 conversion/port of Seaquest; a computer game composed by Steve Cartwright for the Atari 2600 and also released by Activision in 1983, in which having fun as a submarine you require to contend adversaries and also rescue scuba divers.

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As kept in mind by the summary : “The objective is to save stuck scuba divers, stay clear of sharks and also opponent submarines, and also not lack oxygen. You can replenish your oxygen by mosting likely to the surface area at the expense of one scuba diver. If you emerge without saved scuba divers, you shed a life. Nonetheless if you emerge with 6 scuba divers, you obtain a great perk based upon just how much oxygen you have actually left. This is called a “round”. After each round the adversaries end up being much faster, their number boosts, and also damaging them offers you extra factors. After 2 rounds an opponent below begins patrolling the surface area also. You get an added life every 10000 factors, optimum 6 aside“. 

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