Indie Retro Information: LumASCII – An instead one-of-a-kind shooter on the Speccy that’s well worth looking into!

Although I’m not one for writing regarding video games that were launched a long time earlier, however many thanks to a direct from Saberman, we have actually been informed that if you intend to play an instead one-of-a-kind ZX Range that we have not included in the past, after that you truly need to take a look at Bob’s ASCII based Shoot ’em up of ‘LumASCII’ on the 48K ZX Range; An extremely satisfying and also as the designer claims is an instead distinct distinctive video game on the Range that just utilizes ASCII personalities throughout as opposed to pixel-based high-res graphics!

If that had not been sufficient to order your focus, the designer claimed that not just was this video game created over 9 months, however the colour ASCII degrees and also thingsĀ all needed to be hand coded right into the video game as there was bit in the method of devices to utilize. Actually LumASCII does not also look like a Range video game, even more a launch title from a legendary ZX82 maker which maintained the personality display screen of the ZX81 however with the included colour and also audio to it. So indeed it could be an extremely late information statement from us, viewing as the video game isn’t *NEW* however considering we have not included it in the past, it has to do with time we did!

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