Indie Retro News: Attack of the Petscii Robots

Indie Retro Information: Assault of the Petscii Robots


One more excellent newspaper article for you all, as if you followed our previous write in relation to Assault of the Petscii Robots; A video game which is a brand-new porting by Vesa Halttunen’s of David Murray’s Activity Journey. After that you’ll be pleased to find out that since today, you can currently acquire the electronic download launch or the complete boxed version which schedules late January or very early February 2022. For those of you that have not come across this video game in the past, Petscii Robots was initially launched a brand-new homebrew by The 8bit Individual for the Atari XL/XE, Atari, Applie II, C64, C128, Plus/4, and also VIC 20.

At some point in the future, robotics try to take control of human negotiations on numerous worlds. Your objective is to penetrate these negotiations and also ruin every one of the robotics. To do this, you’ll require to find tools and also various other devices. The video game includes numerous spaces, opponents to ruin, products to locate  and also as the designer claims ” This variation clings the initial, however is significantly improved with 16-bit graphics and also noise. ” So of course definitely one more video game deserving of a playthrough on your Commodore Amiga!

  • Amiga 500/1000/2000 or far better.
  • 512K RAM or far better.
  • 1 megabytes needed for songs
  • Functions with key-board, a couple of switch joystick, or CD-32 pad.

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