Check out Ashes 2063 and Ashes: Afterglow, fantastic Doom II total conversions

Have a look at Ashes 2063 as well as Ashes: Afterglow, wonderful Ruin II overall conversions


An extremely excellent double-episode overall discussion for Ruin 2, we have Ashes 2063 as well as Ashes: Afterglow. The initial episode our very own BTRE spoke a little bit concerning back in 2018, as well as ever since it’s been remastered as well as a 2nd episode launched just lately. Currently, they’re both offered quickly from Mod DB.

“Discover as well as feed on via lots of detailed maps, as well as utilize your damaged with each other toolbox to eliminate crowds of unsafe raiders as well as mutants in this large GZDoom TC. Ashes is component Fight it out Nukem 3D, component Ruin, tossed right into a blender or food processor with Mad Max, Results as well as Stalker for that rejuvenating post-apocalyptic spin.”

If you did take care of to play the initial prior to the initial episode obtained a remaster, the more recent version includes a broadened tutorial, a complete growth, great deals of brand-new appearances as well as art work, brand-new sprites as well as noises as well as far more.

Ashes collaborates with GZDoom as well as either an iwad from Ruin 2 or FreeDoom.

You can run it just by guaranteeing you have the iwad as well as the pak apply for each episode in a place GZDoom can review like: ~/.config/gzdoom/

You can download and install each episode from Mod DB.

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