Halo 3 Legendary Version safety helmet was so tiny just a couple of pet cats used it

Back in 2007, the Legendary Version of Halo 3 for Xbox 360 included a Master Principal safety helmet reproduction. However, the safety helmet was as well tiny for the majority of human heads to put on. This implied, undoubtedly, that some pet cats wound up using this safety helmet. These are their tales.

When It Comes To that is at fault for the indignity these pet cats have actually sustained, the solution might be Bungie’s very own Luke Smith. Back in 2006, Smith functioned as a video games reporter for 1UP, and also he explained the Legendary Version safety helmet as “cat-head sized.” Other individuals kept up the joke afterwards. Joystiq and also Engadget placed “feline safety helmet” in their heading, pricing quote and also connecting to Smith’s expressive wording and also highlighting all of it with a picture of a feline. Wired’s writeup in a similar way called the safety helmet “kitty-sized.” Follower discussion forums anywhere called it “the feline safety helmet.”

In the mid-2000s, feline pictures were one of the most essential kind of web content online, so the fad made good sense. Numerous followers at the time likewise had actually anticipated the safety helmet to be a life-size reproduction that a human might put on, so describing the safety helmet as a “feline safety helmet” was an adorable means to moisten their frustration. As soon as the safety helmet was lastly in followers’ hands, nevertheless, the frustration returned.

As IGN reported in a write-up entitled “Felines rejected opportunity to be Master Principal,” all-time low of the safety helmet had a strangely-shaped rectangle-shaped opening that made it practically difficult for any individual to put on. In action to my current ask for tales concerning the feline safety helmet, Twitter individual billieberserk took a picture of all-time low of their safety helmet in order to show the trouble:

Back in 2007, however, the net’s wish for pictures of pet cats using Master Principal headgears needed to be relieved. Some brave followers, like the ones at the blog site Geeks Trozobudos, obviously located pet cats with tiny adequate heads to make it function:

Halo 3 cat helmet memes made by the bloggers at Nerds Trozobudos

Picture: Geeks Trozobudos

Others just photoshopped the safety helmet onto pet cats to show what may have been, as appears in write-ups at Gamerant and also IGN, the latter of which recognized the trouble: “After months of attempting to duct tape their Legendary Version Master Principal headgears to their feline’s head, individuals have actually approved that it doesn’t fit. Felines and also lap dogs anywhere are still expressing joy.”

This was likewise an amount of time when net jokes did not obtain failed to remember after a week or 2. The feline safety helmet joke lasted for years. In 2010, Weta Workshop began offering small Spartan headgears, so normally, Joystiq explained these as feline headgears. Various other electrical outlets, like Gamerant and also Gamerfront, cooperated the joke.

In recent times, the feline safety helmet meme has actually discolored right into obscurity. My ask for tales from followers concerning their too-small Spartan headgears obtained lots of reactions, yet just a couple of were from individuals that took part in this meme throughout its prime time. A minimum of one follower, author and also previous video games reporter Christian Nutt, considered Photoshop at the time:

Jessica Lachenal, my previous colleague at The Mary Sue, informed me she had actually placed her Simple safety helmet on her feline yet didn’t take a picture (for pity!). This previous week, Polygon visitor Tsuki Tenicela took a picture of her safety helmet near her feline (envisioned over). Numerous various other Polygon visitors sent me pictures of pet cats that were not going to put on Spartan headgears.

The saddest tale of all originated from Nic Weinberg, that obtained the safety helmet at age 13 yet hadn’t obtained the memorandum concerning its petite dimension. “I desired for it for months: opening up that large lovely box, taking the safety helmet off its stand and also wearing it to make sure that I might lastly — besides those years — End up The Battle,” Weinberg composed. “After awkwardly cycling residence bring this ridiculously substantial box, I sneaked silently right into the cellar so I might start my routine in seclusion. Obviously, like lots of people, I uncovered the fact… the safety helmet was not made to be put on.”

However, Weinberg’s awful story did not finish there. It finishes … in blood. “Days later on, I check out online that individuals were loosening all-time low of the safety helmet casing to get rid of the video game instance port to make sure that maybe put on,” Weinberg took place. “Happily, after trying to do so myself, I understood that my head remained in truth Too Big to be Master Principal. Yet… I did have a lap dog. Darkness was a 12-year-old Havanese that absolutely, absolutely disliked me. Unreasonably, I attempted anyhow, and also while I don’t have any type of images, I do still have actually a tarnished mark on my left hand to advise me of this entire event.” (Weinberg consisted of pictures of the mark and also the safety helmet, both of which he obviously still has.)

Memes reoccur so quick nowadays that it’s difficult to envision a marketing safety helmet coming to be the topic of a lot conversation in 2021. As well as yet I still question what would certainly have taken place if Halo Infinite had actually reestablished this idea — other than, this time around, the safety helmet would certainly be actively produced pet cats. (I asked Microsoft concerning the choice behind the feline safety helmet’s development, yet I did not obtain any type of information.)

Offered just how much my very own feline despises using the bow connection that I purchased for him, I don’t believe this is really an excellent concept. Yet it would certainly have declared Halo Infinite’s effort to suppress the sensation of a less complex time — and also even more notably, it would certainly have caused some great images.

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