Try out the Cold War tactics of Regiments in its free playtest

Experiment with the Cold Battle strategies of Regiments in its complimentary playtest


Exactly how around a large fat solitary gamer project RTS regarding your timeless chilly battle Germany dispute situation? Regiments is mosting likely to be simply that when it launches in 2022, with a vibrant project regarding wide-scale war in the East-West German boundary area in 1989. It’s a quite big range video game, planned to allow you manage squads as opposed to specific teams or devices, placing you in the duty of regulating policeman as opposed to lieutenant or sergeant.

Now, Regiments is running a beta playtest of its larger-scale Workflow setting. Workflow are multi-day, big area problems where modifications to the combat zone and also losses are relentless over that time. As the fight breakthroughs you’ll need to make use of indicate restore your pressures or pull in supports. It’s a cool concept, and also I such as that the wreck of broken automobiles or the protective locations you have actually set up will certainly last in between days. Well-placed battling settings or container catches could be worth their king’s ransom.


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