Enfirus Dev Log #1 - Hello World! news

Enfirus Dev Log #1 – Hey there Globe! information

An intro to Enfirus, a non-violent challenge experience video game that informs the story of 2 youngsters in a globe still recuperating from the effect of war.


A fabulous evergreen hires 2 youngsters, on contrary ends of the globe from each various other, to fulfill at its origins.

Enfirus is a non-violent 2D top-down challenge experience video game.

It complies with the tales of not one, yet 2 lead characters all at once: Luliette, the youngest child of an effective home; and also Idan, a wanderer kid living in the heart of an odd woodland.


  • Check out a sensational, typically computer animated globe where magic is an irrepressible pressure of nature, and also learn what it’s done to those that tried to harness it.
  • Lead the tales of 2 lead characters predestined to discover each various other beside the globe.
  • Fix rational challenges to proceed with obstacles, and also getaway impending risk…
  • A huge lineup of personalities to talk with and also engage with, several of which are handy, others not a lot.


Personalities are the pounding heart of any type of story, whatever the tool! We desired these 2 lead characters to be fairly distinctive from each various other, character and also layout smart; and also yet they ought to both be equivalent in something: they are propelled right into a journey they aren’t planned for.

Theoretical details for Luliette and also Idan.

Luliette Idan Concept Colors

Theoretical color pattern for Luliette and also Idan.

Luliette   4 Views

Luliette – Front, Back and also Sides

Idan   4 Views

Idan – Front, Back and also Sides

We wish you take pleasure in playing with their tales! We will not be breaking down any type of looters certainly 🙂

The Globe

In a globe established 500 years after a devastating battle, the human race has actually reconstructed in all good manners of various people. The very first 2 we have actually discovered were, certainly, the houses of our lead characters.
The 2D topdown point of view will certainly be extremely intriguing to experiment with depending upon where each personality is standing, yet prior to we reach that, allow’s start with some principle art that reveals the distinction in their cultures.

city concept art

The Renaissance-inspired city where Luliette Lecroux lives at the start of the tale.

village concept art

Idan’s nomadic town, developed within a strange woodland atop a huge wrecked monolith.

And also last but not least, I want to provide a bullshot (instance screenshot) of what the video game may resemble!bullshot 1

Instance setup – the tiling will certainly be extra varied than this, to actually highlight the life of the globe! However this is the type of topdown method we’re choosing.

Many Thanks!

Thanks for going through our very first dev log! We’ll intend to release one weekly 🙂

In the meanwhile, do not hesitate to take a look at our Twitter web page and also the Enfirus Disharmony!


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