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Dragon City aspect weak point graph - Download Free Games from the Real website 0 cost
Dragon City element weakness chart

Dragon City aspect weak point graph

Accumulating a city of dragons is lot of enjoyable, yet venturing right into a PvP fight with the incorrect group is not, therefore, we have actually assembled a total Dragon City aspect weak point graph so you can obtain a clear suggestion of which dragons you must utilize based upon your challenger’s aspects. 

As you possibly understand now, in Dragon City you will certainly develop a city, type and also develop 10s of dragons and also generate brand-new types to contribute to your collection. It’s an excellent video game that is incredibly enjoyable to play if you procure the essentials down. 

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We’re mosting likely to begin by describing what each Component suggests, exactly how it functions when it pertains to reproducing dragons, and also all that excellent things. So allow’s begin, shall we?

The primary (key) aspect

Each dragon will certainly contend the very least one aspect. That will certainly be their primary aspect, which is what the Dragon City aspect weak point graph below will certainly describe. All succeeding aspects will certainly not have a stamina or weak point, to make sure that’s something to remember when attempting to counter-pick. 

Each Dragon can have greater than one aspect, and also as much as 4 aspects. While these will not impact that dragon’s weaknesses/strengths, they will certainly impact the amount of relocations that dragon can discover. 

Dragon City aspect weak point graph

A dragon will certainly constantly deal dual damages to a particular aspect (well, not constantly, it depends upon the aspect), commonly to its opposite aspect. Think about it as fire counters ice, ice counters nature, electrical counters steel and so forth. The primary opposite aspect will certainly constantly take 2x the damages from its counter. They will certainly additionally deal half the damages versus the one that counters them (for example, fire will certainly deal half the damages to sea, given that it’s a responding to aspect).

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