Devlog #108: the support automaton news - Shardpunk: Verminfall

Devlog #108: the assist automaton information – Shardpunk: Verminfall


New devlog entry for Shardpunk, introducing the brand new playable character sorts.

Let’s discuss concerning the newest addition to the sport, and (hopefully) the final main gameplay change that I’ve carried out: I’ve added new character sorts: automatons/bots.

Lore-wise, the Empire has just lately managed to create a prototype of a brand new, bleeding-edge know-how vitality supply that can permit people to achieve a big benefit of their battle towards the vermin.

Just a few days previous to the shock rat assault, the Empire’s scientists have been in a position to set up that new vitality supply in a machine – an automaton. Then the assault occurred.

Your job as a participant might be to guarantee that this new vitality supply doesn’t find yourself destroyed or get intercepted by the enemy – which mainly implies that the participant’s job is to guarantee that the bot stays alive.

Now, the automatons will not be defenseless. Relying on the kind of automaton the participant chooses firstly, it is going to be offering important bonuses on the battlefield. The one which I’ve added to the sport up to now is a assist unit. Its foremost potential is the “assist mode” ability, which makes the automaton motionless, however generates a assist aura that makes positive that participant weapons don’t achieve warmth when firing and will increase their % to hit. Due to this fact, it really works nice when the participant is establishing a protection spot someplace on the map.

Different expertise embrace the power to taunt enemies within the space, forcing them to assault the automaton.

Additionally, the unit is provided with a stun grenade, which does precisely what it says.

The automaton is ready to heal by itself and could be healed within the shelter by different characters.

I imagine that introduction of the automatons will add much more selection to the gameplay. The participant will all the time be selecting one automaton kind at first of the sport, and its kind will considerably change the ways. This implies extra enjoyable – and as video games are all about enjoyable, I imagine that is a step in a great course!

That is all for this entry. Take care, and have an important weekend! And do be a part of Shardpunk’s Discord server!


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