DC Worlds Collide tier list

There are 16 Epic characters currently in the game. Out of these, 9 belong to the DPS class, 2 are Support units, and 5 are Tanks. Let’s start with the DPS characters first which are: 

  • Batman
  • Superboy
  • Poison Ivy
  • Constantine
  • Red Hood
  • Firestorm
  • Green Arrow
  • Robin
  • Starfire


Batman attacks an enemy multiple times, dealing physical damage while applying a stack of ‘Armor Break’ per hit. He can take down tanky enemies fast.


  • Tactical resonance effects are somewhat underwhelming. 

Rank: S


Superboy character

There will be times when Superboy will drive you crazy due to the nature of his kit. But he’s a unique character, and his tactical resonance ability makes him a staple in any kind of ‘burn’ team.


  • His kit is very ‘RNG’ based. 

Rank: S+ in burn-based team comps.

Poison Ivy

Poison Ivy portrait

As her name suggest, she’s all about inflicting poisons to her enemies. The more stacks of poison they have, the more damage she will do, and she can do a lot with the right synergies.


  • Due to how the poison works, her damage output isn’t as high without the right synergies. Only 2 units can activate her resonance effect.

Rank: S+ in poison-based teams. Not as effective otherwise. 


Constantine superhero DC Worlds Collide

Constantine is one of the very best true AOE damage units in the game. He can be very effective in pretty much any team comp, as he doesn’t need synergies to deal tons of damage.


  • Due to his ‘sacrifice’ mechanics, you might want to pair him with a healer or a unit that grants life-steal.

Rank: S+

Red Hood

Red Hood DCWC

Jason Todd, aka Red Hood, is a character that has the potential to do very high, single target physical damage. His ultimate move, ‘Resurrection’, will bring him back to life after 2 rounds.


  • To truly realize his potential, Red Hood requires a high crit team comp to activate his tactical resonance. ‘Resurrection’ is rather underwhelming at level one, but amazing at rank 3.

Rank: S


Firestorm portrait

Firestorm, as a DPS character, is rather underwhelming at the start. With that being said, at higher rank, and with the right synergies, Firestorm becomes a very good damage dealer. Certainly not the one for the top of the DC Worlds Collide tier list, but still close enough!


  • Firestorm needs to be a part of ‘Burn’ team. Not that good at low ranks. RNG-based ability. 

Rank: S

Green Arrow

Green Arrow portrait of the character

Green Arrow can attack every enemy unit with his skill ‘Rain of Arrows’, and he’s very good at clearing the board. Whenever an enemy dies, he gains another round.


  • His damage isn’t that impressive right off the bat. He needs very good gears and the right synergies to be as effective. His tactical resonance effect isn’t very impressive. 

Rank: S


Robin's portrait in DCWC

Little Damian Wayne, aka Robin, is a hero who can deal huge amounts of damage to the enemy. He charges the back row to attack a single target 3 times while he applies a stack of bleed whenever he does damage. His tactical resonance requirements are not hard to be met..


Rank: S+


Starfire character

Starfire can deal high amounts of damage to an enemy row and also dispel one of their buffs. At the same time, she gets increased damage when attacking the front row and gets an armor penetration buff that lasts for 2 rounds.


  • She really shines when she’s a part of a burn team, so she can utilize ‘Blackfire’.

Rank: S+

There are 5 Epic tier tanks currently. Those are:

  • Nightwing
  • Penguin
  • Bane
  • Gorilla Grodd
  • Bizarro


Nightwing superhero portrait in the DC Worlds Collide tier list

Nightwing is an agility tank that can be a part of pretty much any team. High block chances to go along with the ability to attack and stun the enemy’s highest attack unit makes him one of the best in his role.


Rank: S+


Penguin character portrait

There’s not a lot Penguin can’t do. He can attack the enemy back line and heal for a percentage of his max HP. His ‘Umbrella Shield’ increases his own defense while at the same time provide damage reduction to his back row allies. His versatility keeps him high on the DC Worlds Collide tier list.


  • He can easily be a part of any team comp, but he’s really amazing in a poison comp.

Rank: S+


Bane villain portrait

A tank that can attack every enemy and apply negative effects on them, how about that? His self-heal is very strong and at maximum rank his ultimate move costs no points. Works best with characters that can heal him.


Rank: S+

Gorilla Grodd

Gorilla Grodd character DCWC

Grodd is a tank that scales off enemies’ debuffs. He can apply various negative status effects with his attacks, but also whenever he’s attacked.


  • Even though he’s a very solid unit, Grodd can fulfil his potential in a comp that focuses on putting negative effects on the enemy.

Rank: S


Bizaro's portrait

Bizarro shares an amount of damage with an ally he links, while at the same time providing damage reduction and a small amount of healing. He possesses an AoE ability that weakens every enemy unit for 2 rounds, and can apply Frostbite stacks and Freeze status. 


  • He’s better as a support frontliner, paired with a tank such as Bane or even Clayface.

Rank: S

Last but not least, there are two Epic support heroes. 

Kid Flash

Kid Flash crossing his hands

Kid Flash is an amazing healer who also provides various defensive buffs to his allies. He’s tactical resonance buffs his healing ability even more.


Rank: S+


Zatanna wearing a cylinder hat

Zatanna is an excellent support unit who can be a part of many team comps. She can attack the enemy’s front row and apply ‘Armor Break’ status that lasts until the end of the battle. Also provides Strong Attack and Frantic buffs to her allies, plus life-steal.


Rank: S+

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