DC Worlds Collide tier list

DC Globes Collide rate checklist

There are 16 Epic personalities presently in the video game. Out of these, 9 come from the DPS course, 2 are Assistance devices, and also 5 are Containers. Allow’s begin with the DPS personalities initially which are: 

  • Batman
  • Superboy
  • Poisonous Substance Ivy
  • Constantine
  • Red Hood
  • Firestorm
  • Environment-friendly Arrowhead
  • Robin
  • Starfire


Batman strikes an adversary several times, dealing physical damages while using a pile of ‘Shield Break’ per hit. He can remove tanky opponents quickly.


  • Tactical vibration impacts are rather underwhelming. 

Ranking: S


Superboy character

There will certainly be times when Superboy will certainly drive you insane as a result of the nature of his package. Yet he’s a unique personality, and also his tactical vibration capability makes him a staple in any type of type of ‘shed’ group.


  • His package is extremely ‘RNG’ based. 

Ranking: S+ in burn-based group compensations.

Poisonous Substance Ivy

Poison Ivy portrait

As her name recommend, she’s everything about bring upon poisonous substances to her opponents. The even more heaps of poisonous substance they have, the even more damages she will certainly do, and also she can do a whole lot with the best harmonies.


  • As A Result Of exactly how the poisonous substance functions, her damages result isn’t as high without the best harmonies. Just 2 devices can trigger her vibration impact.

Ranking: S+ in poison-based groups. Not as reliable or else. 


Constantine superhero DC Worlds Collide

Constantine is just one of the greatest real AOE damages devices in the video game. He can be extremely reliable in practically any type of group compensation, as he does not require harmonies to deal lots of damages.


  • As A Result Of his ‘sacrifice’ auto mechanics, you may intend to match him with a therapist or a unit that approves life-steal.

Ranking: S+

Red Hood

Red Hood DCWC

Jason Todd, also known as Red Hood, is a personality that has the possible to do extremely high, solitary target physical damages. His best step, ‘Rebirth’, will certainly bring him back to life after 2 rounds.


  • To really recognize his capacity, Red Hood needs a high crit group compensation to trigger his tactical vibration. ‘Rebirth’ is instead underwhelming at degree one, however remarkable at ranking 3.

Ranking: S


Firestorm portrait

Firestorm, as a DPS personality, is instead underwhelming at the beginning. With that said being claimed, at seniority, and also with the best harmonies, Firestorm comes to be a great damages supplier. Definitely not the one for the top of the DC Globes Collide rate checklist, however still close adequate!


  • Firestorm requires to be a component of ‘Shed’ group. Not that efficient reduced rankings. RNG-based capability. 

Ranking: S

Environment-friendly Arrowhead

Green Arrow portrait of the character

Environment-friendly Arrowhead can strike every adversary system with his ability ‘Rainfall of Arrowheads’, and also he’s excellent at removing the board. Whenever an adversary passes away, he acquires one more round.


  • His damages isn’t that remarkable instantly. He requires excellent equipments and also the best harmonies to be as reliable. His tactical vibration impact isn’t extremely remarkable. 

Ranking: S


Robin's portrait in DCWC

Little Damian Wayne, also known as Robin, is a hero that can deal big quantities of damages to the adversary. He bills the back row to strike a solitary target 3 times while he uses a pile of hemorrhage whenever he does damages. His tactical vibration demands are not tough to be fulfilled..


Ranking: S+


Starfire character

Starfire can deal high quantities of damages to an adversary row as well as additionally eliminate among their enthusiasts. At the exact same time, she obtains boosted damages when striking the front row and also obtains a shield infiltration aficionado that lasts for 2 rounds.


  • She truly radiates when she belongs of a melt group, so she can make use of ‘Blackfire’.

Ranking: S+

There are 5 Epic rate storage tanks presently. Those are:

  • Nightwing
  • Penguin
  • Scourge
  • Gorilla Grodd
  • Bizarro


Nightwing superhero portrait in the DC Worlds Collide tier list

Nightwing is a dexterity container that can be a component of practically any type of group. High block possibilities to accompany the capability to strike and also stun the adversary’s highest possible strike system makes him among the very best in his duty.


Ranking: S+


Penguin character portrait

There’s not a whole lot Penguin can not do. He can strike the adversary back line and also recover for a percent of his max HP. His ‘Umbrella Guard’ rises his very own protection while at the exact same time give damages decrease to his back row allies. His adaptability maintains him high up on the DC Globes Collide rate checklist.


  • He can conveniently belong of any type of group compensation, however he’s truly remarkable in a toxin compensation.

Ranking: S+


Bane villain portrait

A container that can strike every adversary and also use adverse impacts on them, exactly how concerning that? His self-heal is extremely solid and also at optimal ranking his best step sets you back no factors. Functions ideal with personalities that can recover him.


Ranking: S+

Gorilla Grodd

Gorilla Grodd character DCWC

Grodd is a storage tank that ranges off opponents’ debuffs. He can use numerous adverse condition impacts with his strikes, however additionally whenever he’s struck.


  • Although he’s a really strong system, Grodd can satisfy his capacity in a compensation that concentrates on placing adverse impacts on the adversary.

Ranking: S


Bizaro's portrait

Bizarro shares a quantity of damages with an ally he connects, while at the exact same time offering damages decrease and also a percentage of recovery. He has an AoE capability that compromises every adversary system for 2 rounds, and also can use Frostbite heaps and also Freeze condition. 


  • He’s much better as an assistance frontliner, coupled with a storage tank such as Scourge and even Clayface.

Ranking: S

Finally, there are 2 Epic assistance heroes. 

Child Flash

Kid Flash crossing his hands

Child Flash is a fantastic therapist that additionally supplies numerous protective enthusiasts to his allies. He’s tactical vibration enthusiasts his recovery capability much more.


Ranking: S+


Zatanna wearing a cylinder hat

Zatanna is an exceptional assistance system that can be a component of lots of group compensations. She can strike the adversary’s front row and also use ‘Shield Break’ condition that lasts till completion of the fight. Likewise supplies Solid Assault and also Agitated enthusiasts to her allies, plus life-steal.


Ranking: S+

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