17 best heist thriller movies to watch on Netflix, Hulu, Amazon, and HBO

17 finest break-in thriller films to see on Netflix, Hulu, Amazon.com, and also HBO

That doesn’t like a great break-in flick? Whether it’s a financial institution break-in, a fashion jewelry break-in, a lengthy disadvantage, or some mix of the 3, the break-in thriller is a group pleaser permanently factor.

The Polygon personnel has actually gathered a few of our really preferred break-in films readily available to see currently on streaming systems like Netflix and also HBO Max. We’ve omitted a few of the extra noticeable instances (all the Sea’s films get on HBO Max if you’re trying to find that marathon), for a few of our various other preferred access throughout several years and also countries. So make a strategy, get your team, and also carry out a checking out evening with among these wonderful break-in films:

Military of the Dead

Picture: Netflix

Any type of flick where a group of misfits, led by Dave Bautista, needs to burglarize a Las Las vega safe is immediately wonderful. Military of the Dead includes zombies to the formula. The flick happens in a future in which a harmful infection produces zombies, however the break out winds up consisted of inside Las Las vega, which comes to be contaminated region. This is amongst the greatest and also loudest break-in films on this listing, mixing the zombie-killing of later Homeowner Wickedness films with all the stress of secure breaking. The genuine secret to this flick’s success and also enjoyable, however, is Bautista, that lacks concern one of the most fascinating and also delicate of the giant-man activity celebrities. He counteracts the overblown facility with authentic heart and also is constantly watchable as a zombie-killing, one-man military. —Austen Goslin

The Military of the Dead is readily available to stream on Netflix.

The Asphalt Forest

Picture: The Standard Collection

A criminal activity flick standard, The Asphalt Forest complies with a minor criminal called Dix Handley that’s employed onto a staff to finish a $500,000 gem break-in that swiftly fails. The Asphalt Forest is probably the very first break-in movie, at the very least in the means we consider it today. While the building-the-crew scenes and also strained minutes throughout the criminal activity are all identifiable as contemporary heist-movie trademarks, something that stands apart is simply exactly how thick this flick is.

Supervisor John Huston, that likewise created the manuscript with Ben Maddow, handles to develop a total criminal abyss in this unrevealed community in simply under 2 hrs. Names of criminal activity employers are continuously thrown away and also criminal terms are claimed left and also right without a 2nd for the target market to capture their breath. Also after greater than 70 years, it’s unusual for a flick to trust its target market to maintain this much. All the flick’s break-in and also its consequences stay equally as interesting and also strained as any kind of various other flick on the listing. —AG

The Asphalt Forest is readily available to stream on Standard Network.

Big Offer on Madonna Road

Picture: The Standard Collection

This amusing Italian break-in funny assisted turbo charge the profession of the epic star Marcello Mastroianni (La Dolce Vita, ) and also was chosen for Finest International Language Movie at the 1959 Oscars. A team of rather inexperienced functioning course burglars try to burglarize a pawn store in Rome, making use of a increasingly difficult system that entails boring with a wall surface to reach a fashion jewelry secure.

This is not your normal showy, skilled caper staff. Mario, a woodworker, matured in an orphanage and also can’t locate a stable task however desires a much better life for the 3 females that elevated him. Peppe (Vittorio Gassman), a fighter, has a cleaner rap sheet than his boxing one. Tiberio (Mastroianni), a professional photographer, pawned his electronic camera devices to take care of his lovable child while the mom remains in jail. After that there’s Ferribotte (Tibero Murgia), a managing older sibling overprotective of his stunning sibling (Claudia Cardinale), and also Capannelle (Carlo Pisacane), a senior pocket picker. None are especially efficient this break-in things, and also absolutely nothing goes according to strategy, finishing in an uproarious ending. With an excellent jazz rating and also lots of amusing tricks, Big Offer on Madonna Road is a joy. —Pete Volk

Big Offer on Madonna Road is readily available to stream on Standard Network.

The Bling Ring

Picture: A24

Sofia Coppola’s 2013 based-on-a-true-story movie celebrities Emma Watson as the ring leader of a team of prosperous, celebrity-obsessed teens that make use of conveniently offered details online to prepare break-ins of celebs’ residences. Coppola delight in the lush extra of the lives of both the fame-hungry teenagers and also the abundant and also well-known they target. Several of your houses shot in this are those of the real robbery targets, and also they are pleasantly over the top, particularly versus the background of the Los Angeles city lights. Watson is great as the adventurous Nicki Moore, summed up by a line of discussion that will with any luck live permanently: “I wanna rob.” —PV

The Bling Ring is readily available to stream on Outset and also to see complimentary with advertisements on Buzz and also Kanopy.


Cary Grant and Audrey Hepburn in Charade.

Picture: Universal Photo Residence Home Entertainment

The break-in at the facility of Deception achieved success years before the flick, and also without recognizing it, Reggie (Audrey Hepburn) has actually been living off the make money from her spouse’s criminal activity. When he is unexpectedly killed, she understands she didn’t actually recognize anything concerning him — or, for that issue, the brand-new guy in her life, Peter Joshua (Cary Give). To make issues worse, the staying cash is missing out on, and also a great deal of horrible individuals assume Reggie recognizes where it is. As even more individuals are drawn right into the orbit of the cash, it comes to be much less clear that, if any individual, Reggie can rely on.

Hepburn and also Give, 2 notoriously gifted and also captivating celebrities, go to their most captivating and also gifted in Deception. In the period of a solitary scene, Hepburn may relocate from practical to sexy to frightened with credible convenience. Give’s preliminary pain with their age space — 25 years, a still not unusual gorge in Hollywood — led to rewrites to the manuscript to explain that Reggie was seeking him; it continues to be among minority films in which the space is recognized and also handled probably, as opposed to considered given. Their chemistry is instant and also indisputable; it’s type in completing the movie’s stylish discussion and also blend of flirty funny, fascinating enigma, and also authentic thriller. It’s His Lady Friday using Hitchcock. —Jenna Stoeber

Deception is readily available to stream on Amazon.com Prime Video Clip, complimentary to see with advertisements on Vudu, Tubi, and also Pluto Television.

Hen Run

chicken run

Picture: Aardman Animations

If there is a paradise for lift pitches, after that undoubtedly, “The Wonderful Escape however with poultries” exists. Yet Hen Run is a lot more than that: The very first feature-length job of Aardman Animations may be its finest. Wonderful bad guys, determined heroines, a respectable love, activity, thriller, and also joke after joke after joke — all loaded right into a manuscript as trim as a fatted video game chicken isn’t. The pinnacle of the movie is the pinnacle of all break-in films: A team mosaic of placing the system with each other, as John Powell and also Harry Gregson-Williams’ rating (a complete band with kazoo enhancement) establishes a rollicking beat to a team of poultries resisting the regulations of nature to develop a flying maker. It’s a flick well worth overlooking that Mel Gibson exists. —Susana Polo

Hen Run is readily available to stream on Peacock.

Threat: Diabolik

Picture: Paramount Residence Video Clip

Threat: Diabolik originates from an age where “comics flick” suggested something unusual, sexy, and also European. Diabolik (John Phillip Legislation) and also Eva Kant (Marisa Mell) like doing 2 points: duping the abundant, and also having sex, ideally on their gigantic turning bed, covered in just recently swiped cash. Their commitment to every various other and also authentic sexiness makes them constantly captivating as they carry out remarkably fancy and also well-plotted break-ins. They’re like a pop art variation of Gomez and also Morticia.

Created in tandem with Barbarella — you might keep in mind Legislation as the angel Pygar — Threat: Diabolik was routed by Mario Bava (much better understood for his giallo scary job) and also includes a gleaming pop soundtrack by Ennio Morricone (much better understood for his raw pastas western make-ups). The flick is unbelievably fashionable, from the framework and also cinematography, to the slide carousel of lively, borderline fetishistic catsuits, to the avant garde collections. There are sci-fi aspects, sprinkles of comics art, ingenious unique results, and also no lack of extremely symptomatic props. It’s about as much zany, attractive enjoyable as you can have in 2 hrs. —JS

Threat: Diabolik is readily available to stream with a collection card on Kanopy.

Dhoom 2

Picture: Amazon.com Prime Video Clip

Dhoom 2, the follow-up to the 2004 blockbuster Dhoom, is among one of the most interesting motion picture experiences to which you can treat on your own. Damaging Bollywood ticket office documents upon launch, it is a motorcycle-centric break-in flick with great activity established items, jaw-dropping music numbers, amazing bike feats, and also a something for everyone.

A preference: the flick opens up with a train break-in, as Mr. A (Hrithik Roshan, impossibly appealing and also captivating as ever before), disguises himself as Queen Elizabeth to burglarize the Queen’s crown in the center of the Namib desert. Dhoom 2 after that right away transfers to among one of the most electrical music varieties of this century, with Roshan flaunting why he is among the wonderful flick celebrities and also professional dancers of his generation. —PV

Dhoom 2 is readily available to stream on Amazon.com Prime Video Clip.

Superb Mr. Fox

Foxy Fox and friends on a motorcycle in Fantastic Mr. Fox

Picture: 20th Century Fox

Based Upon Roald Dahl’s traditional youngsters’s publication, Wes Anderson’s 2009 stop-motion computer animated funny Superb Mr. Fox complies with an advanced Fox (George Clooney) that, turning to his previous burglars methods, sustains the rage of 3 lawless farmers that will certainly quit at absolutely nothing to penalize the Fox and also his household. Full of stunning complex computer animation, wayward dancing numbers, and also Anderson’s distinctive wit and also design, Superb Mr. Fox is frequently hailed as one of the very best computer animated movies of the very early aughts and also must-see for followers of youngsters’s movies and also highly-crafted movie theater alike. —TE

Superb Mr. Fox is readily available to stream on Disney And Also.

The Wonderful Muppet Caper

Muppets riding bicycles through the park.

Picture: Walt Disney Residence Home Entertainment

Wonderful Muppet films been available in 2 tastes: Straight adjustment of traditional literary works, and also 4th wall-breaking events of Hollywood’s many cherished solutions. As well as one of the most congratulatory of that last group is the appropriately called Great Muppet Caper.

The opening number straight welcomes the target market to enjoy all the pleasures of the category: Phenomenon, derring do, heroes, criminals, funny, and also enigma, and also supplies each consequently. Diana Rigg vamps completely with her function of the picky style magnate Woman Vacation, as Charles Grodin exudes sleaze as her inexplicably American sibling preparing to swipe her collection of gems, right to — a minute for this word play here, please — the Baseball Ruby, a ruby the dimension of a baseball.

There’s whatever you could potentially desire in both a break-in flick and also a Muppet flick: Computing, dishonesty, love, the clash of low and high culture, a jailhouse breast with a bike chase — in addition to star cameos, running tricks, “just how did they do that?” puppetry, and also amazing music numbers. The majority of Muppet films damage the 4th wall surface in some means, however really couple of have a scene in which Miss Piggy and also Kermit start a scripted disagreement as their personalities that becomes an actual disagreement in between them as stars which hemorrhages right into a real settlement and also a bicycle-top love ballad that exists all at once within and also outside the movie’s diegesis. —SP

The Wonderful Muppet Caper is readily available to stream on Disney And Also.

Heck or High Water

Jeff Bridges and Gil Birmingham in Hell or High Water.

Picture: Lionsgate

Scrape a Western flick, and also you’ll typically locate a research study of maleness and also what it suggests to be a guy. As well as whenever 2 guys end up in resistance — which is the majority of the category right there — it’s typically a research study in different types of member. The standard good-vs.-wicked skirmish does turn up a whole lot, however equally as typically, Westerns discover the comparison in between solid guys and also shrewd ones, whether it’s in standards like The Prize of the Sierra Madre, contemporary fans like The Power of the Canine, or genre-hybrid thrillers like the superb Heck or High Water, which transforms a modern thriller concerning financial institution burglars right into a difficult rumination on maleness, the background of the West, and also the nature of criminals.

Chris Pine and also Ben Foster celebrity as stickup musicians with a Butch Cassidy and also the Sundance Child ambiance; Jeff Bridges and also Gil Birmingham play the aging Texas rangers attempting to run them down. Pine and also Foster’s personalities have a Huge Plan that the flick maintains under covers up until a bottom line, however in the meanwhile, there’s lots of activity, both on the criminals’ side and also the side of the guys searching them. It’s a thoughtful and also nuanced movie concerning the lines of people and also individuals that attract them in manner ins which profit themselves, however it’s likewise a gripping experience, appropriate for slipping in refined messages while maintaining individuals amused — like all the very best Westerns. —Tasha Robinson

Heck or High Water is readily available to stream on Netflix.


cobb (leonardo dicaprio) stares at his totem, the top, in inception

Picture: Detector Bros. Images

Required a break from attempting to decipher the order of occasions in Christopher Nolan’s Tenet? Attempt translating the order of occasions and also their real degree of fact in Christopher Nolan’s Creation. Like many Nolan films, this multi-level dream-reality break-in movie has fun with broken narration and also does difficult points with time. Yet this time around about, he unifies his tough concepts behind a fairly uncomplicated main suggestion: a team of company raiders attempting to effortlessly dental implant a concept in a magnate’s head through desires. It’s excessive and also filled with lingo and also rather uncertain regulations, however the unique results are shocking and also the personalities are unforgettable. —TR

Creation is readily available to stream on HBO Max.

Inside Guy

Denzel Washington and Clive Owen in Inside Man.

Picture: Universal Photo

An unusual work-for-hire job for supervisor Spike Lee, 2006’s Inside Guy is among those have-cake-and-eat-it satisfaction. It’s a slick, sinuous, puzzle-box thriller in which Clive Owen designers a financial institution break-in that is never ever fairly what it appears. Hijacking, he secures wits with cops investigator Denzel Washington and also high-flying fixer Jodie Foster, and also the turnarounds, spins and also fake-outs fall gladly from there. The actors is ludicrously overqualified: Willem Dafoe, Christopher Plummer and also Chiwetel Ejiofor all show up in smaller sized functions. As well as Lee doesn’t surrender his lively, needling side even if he’s on snacks obligation. He develops a remarkable, squabbling carolers of post-9/11 New york city mankind around the sides of the movie, while the story cuts right into Wall surface Road’s rotten heart. —Oli Welsh

Inside Guy is readily available to stream on HBO Max.

The Murder

A man in a clown mask holding a gun.

Picture: Standard Collection

Stanley Kubrick’s The Murder is a break-in movie the same level quality, a labyrinthine dramatization made up of specialist efficiencies interlacing with each other like the stemless glass of a lock previously finishing in an agitated, gripping final thought. Sterling Hayden stars as Johnny Clay, an ex-convict that sets up a gang to carry out a $2 million hold-up of a racecourse. Sustained by an actors of efficiencies consisting of Elisha Chef Jr., Joe Sawyer, Jay C. Flippen, and also extra, The Murder was proclaimed by no much less than Kubrick himself as his very first fully grown function. Today, it’s a movie whose impact can be really felt and also seen in whatever from Quentin Tarantino’s Tank Pets to 2008’s The Dark Knight. —TE

The Murder is readily available to stream on Amazon.com Prime Video Clip and also Standard Network and also complimentary to stream with a collection card on Buzz.


(From L-R) Sean Bean, Skipp Sudduth, Stellan Skarsgård, Jean Reno and Robert De Niro get ready to do the job in “Ronin.”

Picture: 20th Century Fox Residence Home Entertainment

Ronin isn’t your normal break-in flick. Directed by John Frankenheimer, the 1998 American activity thriller celebrities Robert De Niro and also Jean Reno as participants of an elite group of hirelings constructed by a mystical trainer to obstruct and also obtain a bag prior to it is offered to the Russians. While it absolutely doesn’t absence in regards to bristling gunfights and also nail-biting chase series, the toughness of Ronin hinges on the thorough and also intentional established leading up to its eventful 3rd act. Frankenheimer’s movie is as ascetic as it pleasing; an activity movie with a focus on richly-crafted personalities with oriental partnerships and also a plainspoken feeling of design. —TE

Ronin is readily available to stream on Amazon.com Prime Video Clip, complimentary to stream with a collection card on Kanopy, and also complimentary to stream with advertisements on Tubi and also Pluto.

The Spanish Detainee

Campbell Scott and Steve Martin in The Spanish Prisoner.

Picture: Sony Photo Standards

Not all break-ins need plans, ski masks, and also safecracking devices. In David Mamet’s The Spanish Detainee, the dramatist’s normal rat-a-tat discussion moves a con-man cat-and-mouse video game with a mystical McGuffin. Mamet never ever informs the visitor specifically what company designer Joe (Campbell Scott) has actually designed, just that the “Refine” will certainly prompt a technical transformation and also make him and also his employers unimaginably abundant. The expertise makes him an evident target for company reconnaissance, and also the excellent individual to see slip right into the mire of a self-confidence video game. Joe desires absolutely nothing greater than to obtain his, however his companion George (Ricky Jay), employer Mr. Klein (Ben Gazzara), passionately likely aide (Rebecca Pidgeon), and also brand-new deep-pocketed friend Jimmy (Steve Martin) all appear prepared to switch on him. Mamet provides his story of greed and also betraying the freezing heart of an old noir, and also not also the negative ’90s company wear can sink Campbell and also Martin on top of their video games.

The Spanish Detainee is readily available to stream on Peacock, or totally free with advertisements on Roku, Tubi, Pluto, and also IMDb Television.


James Caan in Thief.

Picture: Detector Residence Video Clip

Michael Mann is among American movie theater’s leading auteurs, a supervisor in charge of a few of the totally unforgettable, aesthetically impressive, and also remarkable police procedural with movies like 2006’s Miami Vice, 1995’s Warmth, and also 2004’s Security. His 1981 launching Burglar, starring James Caan (The Godfather) as a specialist safecracker and also outlaw trying to run away a life of criminal activity and also develop a household with his partner stands as one of the lots of gems in Mann’s lengthy and also fabled profession, is loaded with all the specifying tricks that he would certainly take place to refine create in the years ahead. From the movie’s stunning rating by Tangerine Desire to its spectacular evening time cinematography of Chicago politeness Donald Thorin, Burglar is a skillful neo-noir thriller billed with a frustrating feeling of unmatched design and also smoldering trendy. —TE

Burglar is readily available to stream with a collection card on Buzz and also Kanopy and also complimentary to stream with advertisements on Tubi and also Pluto.

The Thomas Crown Event

Rene Russo and Pierce Brosnan in The Thomas Crown Affair.

Picture: MGM Residence Home Entertainment

They don’t make break-in films hotter than this. John McTiernan’s remake of the 1968 Steve McQueen/Faye Dunaway standard is a balmy skip, with Pierce Brosnan and also Rene Russo at their sexiest. Brosnan plays Thomas Crown, an egotistic playboy billionaire that is likewise the globe’s best art burglar in his extra time (in lots of methods, this is Brosnan’s Batman flick). Russo is Catherine Banning, an insurance coverage private investigator charged with fixing and also recuperating Crown’s newest bold burglary. Both succumb to each various other throughout a scrumptious cat-and-mouse video game, finishing in an extraordinary, delicately choreographed series readied to Nina Simone’s “Sinnerman.” —PV

The Thomas Crown Event is readily available to stream on Amazon.com Prime Video Clip and also streaming totally free with advertisements on Roku, Tubi, and also Pluto.

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