11 best vampire horror movies to watch on Netflix and beyond

11 ideal vampire scary films to enjoy on Netflix as well as past


If you’re anything like my well-regarded associate Joshua Rivera, the information of Sony delaying Morbius to April has actually obtained you down. The long-awaited Spider-Man offshoot starring Jared Leto as the anemic scientist-turned-vampiric vigilante has actually been making in manufacturing for fairly some time, with the news of this most recent hold-up noting the 6th such time it’s been pressed back given that it’s first launch day inn July of 2020.

If you’re hurting to satisfy your vampire solution in the meanwhile, we’ve assembled a listing of several of the very best vampire scary films offered to stream on Netflix, Hulu, HBO Max, Shudder, as well as past. The objective of this listing was to exhume some much deeper cuts from the sepulcher of the vampire scary canon, together with a couple of modern faves. That suggests no Blade, due to the fact that c’mon — if you’re thrilled to enjoy Morbius, possibilities are you’ve currently seen Blade.

Below are 11 of the very best vampire scary movies to enjoy on streaming while you wait on Morbius.

1 month of Evening

Image: Columbia Photo

Based Upon Steve Niles as well as Ben Templesmith’s comic collection, 1 month of Evening adheres to the citizens of an Alaskan community as they’re pursued by a ferocious pack of vampires, that bask in an area dove right into darkness every winter months for over a month. With the community’s power removed as well as no accessibility to the outdoors, the survivors have to discover a method to repel their prospective killers till daytime returns. Danny Huston radiates as Marlow, the regal as well as unrelenting leader of the vampires, as does Josh Hartnett in his starring function as Constable Eben Oleson. —Toussaint Egan

1 month of Evening is offered to stream on Pluto Television.

The Dependency

Christopher Walken in The Addiction (1995)

Picture: Arrowhead Video Clip

Abel Ferrara’s The Dependency quickly places as one of the complete stranger incorporations on this listing, as well as thinking about several of the titles included, that’s fairly an achievement. The movie fixate Kathleen (Lili Taylor), a doctoral ideology pupil that discovers herself changed right into a blood-starved temptress after being assaulted by a lady while strolling residence in the evening. Coming to grips with fact of her odd brand-new problem, Kathleen fatalistically muses on words of George Santayana, Jean-Paul Sartre, as well as much more as she tracks as well as entices in brand-new sufferers to devour on.

As one can possibly presume from the title, The Dependency operates as an allegory on the nature of dependency as well as the fallibility of humanity while additionally suitable in a couple of responds to the anxiety as well as fear bordering the AIDS epidemic. It’s an unusual, unabashedly progressive take on vampire scary, not the least of which for its diverse soundtrack including the similarity Cypress Hillside as well as Schoolly D as well as a standout efficiency by Christopher Walken as an older vampire that has actually discovered a method to manage his thirst. Come for the bloodsucking, remain for The Sopranos cameos. —TE

The Dependency is offered to stream on Shudder.

A Lady Walks House Alone In The Evening

Sheila Vand as The Girl baring her fangs in A Girl Walks Home Alone At Night.

Picture: Kino Lorber

A Lady Walks House Alone in the evening is a pastas western vampire tale embeded in Iran as well as including a solid arthouse ambiance. The eponymous lady (Sheila Vand) is a chador-wearing skate boarding vampire, in some minutes extremely modern-day, at others a throwback to old-fashioned Nosferatu-design creeps. Writer-director Ana Lily Amirpour’s trademark genre-blending design shows up in every option, from outfit to organizing to songs. Rich regardless of remaining in black-and-white, each framework is meticulously organized to draw you in as well as maintain you involved, regardless of lengthy stretches without discussion. There is nothing else scary motion picture such as this motion picture. —Jenna Stoeber

A Lady Walks House Alone In The Evening is offered to stream on Shudder as well as Kanopy with a collection card.

Bram Stoker’s Dracula

Bram Stoker’s Dracula: Dracula (gary oldman) holds a lantern

Picture: Sony Photo

Francis Ford Coppola’s 1992 adjustment of Bram Stoker’s critical gothic scary unique celebrities Gary Oldman as Matter Vlad Dracula, previous conqueror-turned-immortal animal of darkness. When lawyer Jonathan Harker (Keanu Reeves) is mobilized to Dracula’s castle under the pretense of protecting brand-new residential property in London, he promptly understands that the Matter has much more sophisticated as well as threatening styles focused on his future wife Mina Harker (Winona Ryder), whom Dracula thinks is the reincarnation of his long-dead other half Elisabeta. Loaded with beautiful useful collection styles, sophisticated outfits thanks to the late Eiko Ishioka, as well as spectacular climatic visuals, Bram Stoker’s Dracula is an unforgettable as well as chilling manifestation of a renowned scary personality. —TE

Bram Stoker’s Dracula is offered to stream on Netflix.



Picture: Requirement Collection

Guillermo del Toro’s 1993 directorial launching Cronos established the tone for the sort of macabre as well as sensational movies that would certainly go one to become his trademark as well as continues to be an interesting scary myth all its very own. When senior antiquarians Jesús Gris (Federico Luppi) is harmed while uncovering a gold scarab-like tool created by a mystical sorcerer, he discovers himself inexplicably enhanced with both newly found young people as well as a frightening brand-new thirst. As Gris’ reliance on the invigorate residential or commercial properties of the tool change right into a dependency, he discovers himself harassed by a well-off passing away business owner (Claudio Creek) as well as his thuggish nephew (Ron Perlman) that fancy its powers on their own. A creative spin on the timeless vampire formula with a melancholic ending, Cronos is a must-watch for any type of passionate follower of del Toro or vampire scary. —TE

Cronos is offered to stream on HBO Max as well as Requirement Network.

Da Wonderful Blood of Jesus

Picture: Gravitas Ventures

A remake of Expense Gunn’s Hashish & Hess, Spike Lee’s Da Wonderful Blood of Jesus stars Zaraah Abrahams as Hess Eco-friendly, an anthropologist as well as art enthusiast that is changed after being mortally harmed by a mystical old Ashanti artefact. Bewildered with a newly found crave blood as well as invulnerability, Hess starts to seek a partnership with his previous associate’s ex-wife (Zaraah Abrahams), all the while looking for a way of understanding as well as accommodating to his brand-new vampiric presence. Much less an out-and-out scary motion picture than an unique state of mind item contemplating the nature of dependency as well as the junction of belief as well as love à la The Addiciton, Da Wonderful Blood of Jesus is a dissentious yet however remarkable take on vampire scary that focuses Black personalities in a style where they are or else typically neglected. —TE

Da Wonderful Blood of Jesus is offered to stream on Outset as well as Kanopy with a collection card.

Meeting with the Vampire

Tom Cruise as Lestat in Interview With the Vampire, with long curly blond hair and blood dripping from his mouth

Image: Detector Bros.

Brad Pitt as well as Tom Cruise ship celebrity in Meeting with the Vampire as Louis de Pointe du Lac, an 18th -century vampire tired of his never-ceasing life of solitude as well as cravings, as well as Lestat de Lioncourt, the older vampire that sires him. Connecting his life tale to a press reporter with his very own individual program, Louis states the lengthy years of love, dishonesty, as well as fatality that have actually afflicted his presence, from the fostering as well as siring of a young vampire called Claudia (Kirsten Dunst) to Lestat as well as Louis’ significant (as well as dangerous) befalling. Dark, sexual, as well as enjoyable, both Anne Rice’s initial unique as well as the movie revitalized the subgenre of vampire scary fiction as well as generated a generation of plenty of replicas in its similarity. —TE

Meeting with the Vampire is offered to stream on Netflix.

The Lost Boys

Picture: Detector House Video Clip

Joel Schumacher’s cheesy cult timeless vampire funny The Lost Boys fixate Michael (Jason Patric) as well as Sam (Corey Haim), 2 bros that relocate with their lately separated mom to Santa Carla, The golden state to cope with their eccentric grandpa. Called the supposed “murder funding of the globe, both Michael as well as Sam discover themselves attracted to the dark fact behind the label when they individually go across courses with gang of vampires that victimize the community’s citizens, led by the lawless David (Keifer Sutherland). Basically The Goonies with vampires rather than a witch hunt, The Lost Boys is a schlocky as well as elegant scary funny worth seeing if for Corey Feldman’s odd Rambo-esque line shipment alone. —TE

The Lost Boys is offered to stream on Netflix.


Max Schreck as Nosferatu in Nosferatu (1922)

Picture: Kino Video Clip

No listing of vampire scary movie theater is full without F.W. Murnau’s Nosferatu, which transforms 100 years of ages in 2022. An informal adjustment of Bram Stoker’s Dracula, the 1922 quiet scary movies adheres to Matter Orlok, a frightening as well as powerful vampire whose collections his views on the other half of an estate representative that sees his residence of Transylvania on service. Max Schreck’s efficiency as Orlok is renowned; a gaunt as well as impending specter of superordinary malevolence whose visage has actually been reproduced as well as parodied in whatever from Buffy The Vampire Killer, Dan Curtis’ Dark Darkness, as well as 2014’s What We Carry Out In the Shadows. Commonly recognized as the very first vampire function, Nosferatu is a vital example for any type of prospective scary connoisseur. —TE

Nosferatu is offered to stream on Shudder as well as Kanopy with a collection card.

Allow The Right One In

Lina Leandersson, a dark-haired little girl with wide eyes, sits covered in blood in Let the Right One In.

Image: Magnet Releasing

Adjusted from John Ajvide Lindqvist’s 2004 story of the very same name as well as later on re-adapted in Matt Reeves’ 2010 movie Allow Me In, Tomas Alfredson’s 2008 charming scary dramatization Allow The Right One In adheres to Oskar (Kåre Hedebrant), a lonesome 12-year-old kid in Stockholm that befriends his following door next-door neighbor Eli (Lina Leandersson), just to find that they remain in reality a vampire. Somber, terrible, as well as perfectly fired; Allow The Right One’s online reputation as a modern-day scary standard has actually just remained to withstand in the years given that it initially launched. —TE

Allow The Right One In is offered to stream on Hulu.


Rena Mandel unconscious on a couch with the shadow of scythe looming overhead in Vampyr (1932)

Picture: Requirement Network

Carl Theodor Dreyer’s Vampyr is much heavier on climatic visuals impacts than the preferred tropes, physical violence, or sensualism one would certainly or else get out of a vampire motion picture. The 1932 movie fixate Allan Gray (Nicolas de Gunzburg, under the phase name “Julian West”), a compulsive pupil of the occult that endeavors right into the private town of Courtempierre just to find the community is under the sinister persuade of a vampire’s curse. Vampyr doesn’t have a lot in the method of talked discussion, rather relying upon innovative chiaroscuro lights methods as well as a spooky rating by Wolfgang Zeller. If you’re seeking a vampire movie that incorporates the terrible, the sensational, as well as the unfortunate right into an expressive as well as unforgettable experience, Vampyr places amongst the category’s ideal. —TE

Vampyr is offered to stream on HBO Max as well as Requirement Network.


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